Thursday, February 08, 2007

Israel and Hamas and Fatah, oh my!

Aw, snap!

For over 30 years, the United States has been the patron slut of Israel, or at least would have been had they been Catholic. They have had a lot of fighting to do and we have made a business out of supporting them with military supplies. This is because we had a stake in creating the State of Israel along with the Brits and the UN, and once we stake a claim, we stick to it, no matter the consequences (see War on Drugs, second Iraq War). We have a friend in a hostile region: better to keep them there. Also, Palestinians blow themselves up when they attack. People who blow themselves up are terrorists. We don't like terrorists. Palestinians are edging awfully close to that label. We do like Israel. So we give them guns and bombs and war-making machines. At least we're not beating up Palestinians here in the U.S. Oh.

And we don't "not like" all Palestinians. Hamas has traditionally been the biggest fighter against Israel. Fatah not so much. They actually recognize Israel. And in a brilliant and very recent military stratego-matic, Magic 8 Ball move, we've handed over a shit-ton of weapons, bullets, and other various people-killin-stuff to Fatah. To "provide deterrence and balance" one official was quoted as saying.

Easy enough: We like Israel. We don't like Hamas. We give Israel guns. Fatah is Palestinian, but not so bomb-y. We don't like Hamas. We give Fatah guns. And the oh, snap: Fatah and Hamas are joining forces.

Am I the only one getting paranoid? U.S. (and other nations) fund Fatah just before they shake hands with Hamas, who doesn't recognize Israel, three days before Iran, who not only doesn't recognize Israel, but would like it wiped off the map, is about to announce something big and nuclear
at a time when the whispers of war are heard on the tips of the nips of our administration and Iran is saying "Whatever, bring it on." It smells like thousands of sweaty people running to hit a button to launch a bomb.

Coming soon: A war by the American people, for the American people. American Government (and Bush in particular), WTF?

You just got pwned by a bunch of Muslims.

But at least we're exporting something besides jobs.

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