Monday, August 18, 2008

The Real McCain: McCain's Mansions

Warning: I felt physically ill after watching this. I just don't see how so much of America can be duped by this troll. From The Real McCain site:


Suzy said...

Thanks for posting this. I will do the same. I too felt physically ill watching it. With my husband out of steady work for nearly a year now, we are still in our house (owned it for 16 years) because a) my mother in law slips us money now and then and b) my husband had the forethought to pay a little more to keep our mortgage in-house at our credit union instead of going with the cheaper rate, where they can sell it off to different lenders. I highly recommend that any readers thinking of refinancing do the same. Therefore, when push came to shove, we had a relationship with the lender and they were willing to research all of our options, which saved our asses (and our house.)

Yeah, those lazy poor bastards are just unwilling to work, that's why their homes are foreclosed. They're looking for a government hand-out.

Deep sigh.

Suzy said...

BTW -- Can I add you to my roll o' blogs, just for the heck of it? Then I'll remember to check back here again. I like your writing, and of course your politics.

Ricky Shambles said...

I'd be honored. I've seen you around and was going to add you once I get the motivation, and it's a great reminder to keep going back - tits and tats and all that.