Monday, September 29, 2008

We'll Call It: The Sarah Palin Stain

I do believe the Republicans have been shitting themselves for the last few weeks, and the squeezes have become more stringent in the last few days, as Palin prepares herself to be chewed up, humiliated, belittled, and spat out by none other than Joe Biden this coming Thursday.

I can't fucking wait.

But the spots on the conservatives' pants are beginning to show.

I have unverified reports from Mrs. Shambles who heard it on NPR that there is a movement afoot on the right to pull her from the ticket.

Oh, please, please, please keep her. It's been so much fun attacking the blind faith ditto-heads the last few weeks with reality.

Updates if this pans out.

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Anonymous said...

John McCain is regular reader of my blog and I've asked him to ease Palin off the ticket. Of course, my point was only altruistic. I mean, for the good of the nation.....however, I've heard from McCain. He simply can't boot her off. If he did, no one, but no one would show up at his rallies.

I think this Thursday should be, um, interesting.