Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Funny-Sad in Cincinnati

From the Cincinnati Enquirer:
Homearama seeks less-pricey site

The Greater Cincinnati Home Builders Association has called off plans to hold its 2009 Homearama home show in the upscale neighborhood of Long Cove in Deerfield Township.
Hendricks said the lingering credit crunch and sluggish economy made it difficult for some builders and would-be home buyers to get financing at higher prices.

I would also guess that looking at very large, absurdly expensive homes in this economy might prove depressing:

"Hey, honey, let's go look at these homes we can't afford."

"We can't afford our home."


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Anonymous said...

Hey, we're going to go look for rentals we CAN afford. Looks like our foreclosure is a go and now we're gonna have to move on.

Thank goodness. Being upside down in a three-bedroom, two-bath split level is ridiculous.