Saturday, April 18, 2009

Get Your Iron On, Krofft Supershow, c. 1977

One of my favorite political and variety blogs is Monkey Muck. Check it out and see why for yourself.

But this isn't just a shameless "I love you, man!" I'd be remiss if I did not link to Monkey as the inspiration for the following online fun I found. Monkey does retro ...everything like no one else.

Krofft Supershow Iron Ons

I'm guessing anyone under 25 is probably missing the reference to what an iron-on is. Anyone under 18 may not even know what an iron is. But that crazy Krofft Supershow; that's a class act.

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Lisa said...

I blame or credit Krofft for much of how I turned out. It's up to others to decide if it's credit or blame, I suppose.