Thursday, August 27, 2009

YouTube Subcultures: MMORPG, LARP, Furries?

A documentary called Second Skin chronicles the lives of a handful of MMORPG gamers and appears to get into the good, bad, and frightening. No worries; it looks more WoW than Second Life Furries. Ewww...furries. Is there anything weirder?

It's like what Darkon did for LARPers. Wait. You've never seen Darkon? Shit. (LARP = Live Action Role Playing)

And then there are those of you still scratching your heads wondering what the hell's going on with the furry thing. Here's a mini-documentary. Vancouver furries. Just for you, Cal.

NOTE: The above video is an innocuous CBC fluff piece on a "dress up" pasttime that does not - in any way - touch on the large part of furry culture that is a sexual fetish revolving around an erotic exchange between two anthropomorphic animals.

Yes, that's what makes furries creepy.

UPDATE: Haha! right after this post, xkcd did a comic on furries too. Well, not because of me or anything, but there it is. :)


Jennifer Hugon said...

Darkon made me very happy. Furries? Not so much... *shudder*

Ricky Shambles said...

I've got it on DVR and have watched some 30 minutes of it but always get sidetracked. May be this evening's project :), that's Darkon, not anything to do with furries. **doubleshudder**