Monday, January 18, 2010

Frisky Dingo, Meet Archer!

Archer on FX

Remember that time I talked about that one vague show called Frisky Dingo? If not, feel free to visit the link and return or just watch a little love below:

I loved the hell out of that show - honestly the most consistently hilarious show I've ever seen in timing and pace and it just matched my brain in some way. And then it broke my heart when Season 2 ended and nary a word was heard.

And then, by chance, I caught a blurb on IFC with Dingo co-creator Adam Reed talking about his new venture entitled Archer about a whoring secret agent (think James Bond gone bad) that appears very similar to Xander Cruise in Dingo. The previews showed a perfect match in timing, non sequitur, and hilarity.

Here's a taste:

(Check out more on FXArcher's Channel)

And the best part is: you can get in on the ground floor! The clip I saw said the series started on FX on January 21st, but the first two episodes aired last week on the 14th. But they're airing the first two episodes ("Training Day" and "Mole Hunt") on Thursday again before the second showing of episode 3, "Diversity Hire."

FX. Thursdays at 10pm. We can watch and hope that they pick it up beyond its original 6 episodes.



Professor Chaos said...

I knew the previews for Archer reminded me of something!

This is cool, I only just discovered Frisky Dingo right before it ended.It was freakin hilarious

Jennifer Hugon said...

I'm there! :)

Ricky Shambles said...

Thanks for the comments. I can't wait myself!