Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Conservatives Blind While Staring Rich in the Face

Last week while listening to a Limbaugh or Hannity stand-in, I heard a caller say this:
You can't tax the rich because they'll just cut jobs to keep making the money they make.
Rah rah! Accolades! Brilliant! ...was the response.

I agree completely. But how is it that conservatives can see that so clearly - that rich people get rich by not spending when they don't have to and are motivated by profit - but be so blind to the opposite sentiment that they actually all support?

If you CUT taxes on the rich, they will NOT create jobs because they're making more money. They will simply buy more stuff. And who started the idea that all the rich people in the US are even in the situation where they COULD create jobs?

Oh yeah, the rich.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good point.

Badger said...

'Limbaugh or Hannity stand-in' Excuse me - you were listening to these people. Please tell me you had been kidnapped and gaffer taped to a chair - with your ears pinned open.

Professor Chaos said...

I love the thought of some businessman getting a tax break and saying "I'm going to use the extra money to hire new employees! Demand for my product hasn't gone up, the productivity of my current employees hasn't gone down, I don't really need any more people, but what else would I do with extra money? I just loooove creating jobs!" It's just so absurd, but that's the scenario that we're supposed to believe.