Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I was watching MSNBC this morning (way early) and they had this story on about what might just be the ...chupacabra?

You know, the chupacabra:

And then swarthy meterologist Bill Karins

was all like "Chupa - what?"

And the female anchor (Sorry, was half asleep) said "Um, Chupacabra?"

"So I can just Google that?"

I don't know if that weird deer/kangaroo/wolf thing in the video is the chupacabra, but who the hell hasn't heard of the chupacabra?



lunamother said...

Ya. It's the same as every chupacabra captured on the border here- a coyote with mange. Untreated mange will result in thick leathery skin instead of fur, which accentuates other features like ears and tail length.

Pearl said...

I know!! HUGE cryptozoology buff over here...

I was very excited to see this -- only to say that I, too, thought it was a regular animal with mange. Only I thought it was a fox.

Still. It was kinda exciting there for a minute. :-)