Thursday, October 27, 2011

In Short: Conservative Conspiracies

In case you missed it:

Barack Obama is now a dictator doing whatever he wants whenever he wants because he's upping the timetable for the aid to college kids - which is just a left wing ploy to socialize education, favor the elitist schools like Harvard, indoctrinate everyone into a humanities or social work degree and leave taxpayers with the bill. This will, of course, cause every college in the country to charge $50,000 per year. (Brian Thomas, WKRC, this morning)

We're going in and taking out leaders of Muslim nations like Hussein and Gaddafi and you know what the people are doing? Replacing them with Muslim people and instituting laws in line with their Muslim beliefs! Lybia's now in the throes of anarchy and Sharia and they're terrorists and there are 30,000 missing missiles and nuclear weapons up for grab. Islam IS terrorism; Muslims ARE terrorists. (David Horowitz, Sean Hannity Radio Show, yesterday)

Poking fun at Perry, chiding Fox news? That's peanuts. Above is the kind of serious right wing batshit crazy ignorance that's going out there every single day and being fully absorbed by the mindless myrmidons before the parroting ensues. I saw that Thomas drivel about college posted by someone I know on Facebook not two hours after it was spouted. And it had likes.

I listen so you don't have to. Happy Thursday.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

"I listen so you don't have to" -- seriously, how can you not have high blood pressure or be at risk of apoplexy? Or are you a masochist, LOL?

Pearl said...

I had a blogger send me an e-mail about Sharia Law and how it's imminent in the U.S. Holy shit but there's a lot of stupid people out there...


Ricky Shambles said...

Sun Tzu talked about knowing your enemy in The Art of War. Someone needs to know, I guess, my health aside. :)

thatgirl said...

I was at my parents' house this week and the radio was on, where I learned that Obama is cutting the military and making us weak, which doesn't make any sense considering that it's the only thing NOT being cut and we're still blowing up as many if not more places as we were under Bush 2.0. I have no idea who the pundit was but it was so absurd.

Ricky Shambles said...

thatgirl- I wish you luck. One of the joys of visiting my parents is that they are both liberal and my father in particular is pretty damn up on the news and all the BS coming from the right wing. Oh, and I don't think they own a radio anymore.