Tuesday, April 14, 2015

ABC World News Tonight: The iPhone Struggle is Real

I've just had ABC World News Tonight on in the background as I prep dinner.

David Muir was passing on the news that Obama was removing Cuba from the list of supporters of terrorism and added this bit:

And some of the reporting during our time there has shown us that there are children who have never even seen an iPhone

I'm sorry, what?

As of two years ago, Cuba was still exhibiting symptoms of the crushing of rights in the forms of exile and political prisoners. When the fuck did kids getting to play with an Apple device become the measure of ...anything?

Is this a sign of our own entitlement society? A complete and utter lack of understanding of what really is "poor" or "disadvantaged?" Maybe ABC should do a focus piece on sub-Saharan Africa and the poverty and blight and starvation that happens there every day and has for ...ever?

Mind blown.

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