Friday, July 13, 2007

Save Radio on the Internets! Last Chance!

I wrote about the old May 15th deadline where the Copyright Royalty Board was going to impose new fees that are absurdly larger than what regular radio and broadcast fees are. The extended date is July 15th.

That's Sunday!

Yes, that's Sunday. This is our last chance. And if we don't act, internet radio will die a fast yet painful death as they'll have to pay these sick fees retroactive to January 2006: immediate bankruptcy.

I like Pandora. I like streaming radio. I'd like to stick it to the money-whoring of the CRB. And I don't necessarily want to be the "I told you so" guy on Monday when none of these services are available because their owners are either trying to protect their business or their own personal funds...and houses...and families.

Look up your congressional representatives at Save Net Radio. Call them. Make it count.

I did.

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