Friday, July 13, 2007

PantsMan Roy Pearson Continues to Embarrass Himself

This is basically a repost with the change in bold. Mr. PantsMan actually appealed, saying they don't understand what "satisfaction guaranteed" means.

$54,000,000 pants makes me mad. It should make you mad. With all the BS spewed about increasing medical malpractice frivolous suits, real frivolous suits should make you mad too. So make a difference and make it loud.

At a time when SCOTUS is pissing away reason concerning free speech, religion and campaign finance cases, a new judicial plague is a foot; actually, it's a single judge as plague manifest: Roy L. Pearson, Jr. You've probably heard, but here's a brief synopsis:
  • Roy takes suits to Custom Cleaners, owned by Ki, Jin and Soo Chung
  • Roy picks up suits, notices pants are missing from one suit
  • Roy wants $1,000 for the suit
  • Chungs say "no"
  • Roy sues for $67,000,000
  • Chungs try to settle for $12,000
  • Roy says "no," eventually bumps down suit to $54,000,000
  • Court says Roy's a choad
  • Choad appeals
Roy Pearson is a U.S. Administrative judge (although currently not hearing cases?) who has seriously financially damaged a hard-working family. I'm pleased that the court ruled against him, but now that he's appealed, I can't leave it alone. This should probably go further.

More info:
If you would like to leave a message expressing your outrage you can snail mail to:

Pearson, Roy L Jr
3012 Pineview Ct NE
Washington, DC 20018-1617

Or leave a message on his answering machine (he doesn't answer his phone directly anymore): (202) 269-1191

Or send him an email:

According to Marc Fisher of the Washington Post, a legal defense fund has been established. You can contrubute through the Chung family's lawyer, Chris Manning.

Chris Manning
Manning & Sossamon PLLC
1532 Sixteenth Street NW
Washington, DC 20036
202) 387-2228
202) 387-2229 (Fax)
Remember to always be kind when expressing outrage.

Now, if CNN would just shut the hell up about the idiots suing the TB patient (with no actual damages), we might just have some real news.

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