Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Christ on a Bun! Ginormous Butter Jesus

Just to clarify: I did, in fact, say Ginormous Butter Jesus.

Travelling north on I-75 from Cincinnati to the middle of nowhere (Zanesfield) has few highlights: Dell distribution center, the skeleton of an emerging IKEA (amen!). But there it was. Mrs. Shambles had seen it before, called it the Butter Jesus. I was anxious; I had never seen a Butter Jesus and was imagining something low key like a smaller version of the Rio de Janeiro Jesus. Lord was I wrong:

Butter Jesus

Christ with a perm! Well, not literally, just as the Butter Jesus is not literally made of butter. It is "King of Kings," a Coriell Design for Solid Rock Church, standing 62 feet, which would put the Lord - should He so choose to rise out of the water like the Kraken in Clash of the Titans - at probably over 100 feet tall. That's a lot of Jesus, so much that He dwarfs the cross on which He was crucified.

I guess that's one way for a church to spend $250,000. Damn.

One more image with a little more perspective and a little less buttery goodness:

Butter Jesus Again

That's some good highway viewin'.

I never could've guessed.

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