Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blog Meme Tagging WTF? Okay, I'll Play.

I work all day on the internet (for that "real job" thing). I use Firefox and regularly CTRL-SHIFT-Click on links I see to "read later, or on lunch, or in ten minutes", often times with more than a dozen tabs open at once on this "I love it" memory sink we call a delightful browser.

Often times I lose track of sources.

Which is why I do not know how I came upon New Pairodimes (hey, Zeno's Pair of Doc's - sorry, really "When conservatives mention how much they love the 50's, they are referring likely to a time when blacks "knew their place" not to our tax structure." makes me want to pee myself), but there it was. And when I did (referenced in a previous post), I began reading and hit upon Tag You're It:
There is this evil scourge going round the internets, where you tag one another and force the other person to reveal things about themselves and then pass the tag along to eight other people. It's sort of like a chain letter, but for geeks.
And what are the rules? Basically, you list 8 things about yourself. Then you "tag" 8 people in comments to play the idiot game, whore your blog, etc.

Pairodimes puts the smackdown on the chain-blog-meme-stupid mess by refusing to hit eight other blogs. I agree, and I shall take this to the next level of listing 8 things about myself without ever being tagged...and ignoring the "tag 8 others" rule. Smartest supergeek ever.

Really, I just want to talk about myself.

Here we go:
  1. When moving to Cincinnati this month, it is now the seventh Ohio city I've lived in. That makes me kind of sad.
  2. When I was young, I wanted to be an astronaut and joined the Young Astronaut's Club in school. I still dream about traveling into space, but hope there is a better way, more like Stargate. Otherwise, only my children or grandchildren would live to see the destination (wouldn't that suck - being born on a ship as a sperm donor life bridge to get your great-great-grandchildren to a distant star? Talk about emo rage).
  3. I met my wife in front of a community theatre stage. I broke 4th wall protocol after curtain call one night to propose to her in front of the audience. We got to pick our own audience over a year later when we were married on that same stage.
  4. I am a licensed minister and practice reiki.
  5. I stopped going to Catholic church when I was 16 and despite my lack of respect for organized religion, am neither an atheist nor agnostic.
  6. I support the Cleveland Browns and Indians, but don't really like sports, yet I will spend at least two hours every winter Olympics watching Curling.
  7. I was raised on reading and books - Mom would read to us or Dad, even though not home evenings, would record himself reading - and read the unedited version of Stephen King's The Stand in sixth grade. I remember deep lessons in humanity and the beauty gravity ads to boobs when a woman lies on her back. It took me 3 more years to verify that. I currently read 3 to 4 books at one time.
  8. Cheese is my favorite food or food addition, but I can only eat it melted (best), a good mozzarella string stick (very good), or on something like crackers (tolerable); Chewing blocks of cold cheese makes me gag.

Love it long time. Hate it. You've got me.

And sign up, dang you, for the Feedblitz on the left.

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