Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bush Wants Kids Sick?

From WaPo:
The president said he objects on philosophical grounds to a bipartisan Senate proposal to boost the State Children's Health Insurance Program by $35 billion over five years.
Bush Uses Keyboard
From WaPo: Bush struggles over waterproof keyboard - "Under water - so why don't it float?" he quipped, drawing attention from his inability to type. No, I don't know why the retarded keyboard pic was used to demonstrate this bill.

Anyone who has this quizzical look on his face about a waterproof keyboard should not be making "philosophical" arguments about poor kids getting free health care.
The 10-year-old program, which is set to expire on Sept. 30, costs the federal government $5 billion a year and helps provide health coverage to 6.6 million low-income children whose families do not qualify for Medicaid but cannot afford private insurance on their own.

About 3.3 million additional children would be covered under the proposal developed by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and Republican Sens. Charles E. Grassley (Iowa) and Orrin G. Hatch (Utah), among others. It would provide the program $60 billion over five years, compared with $30 billion under Bush's proposal. And it would rely on a 61-cent increase in the federal excise tax on cigarettes, to $1 a pack, which Bush opposes.

Isn't the president supposed to keep our interests at heart?

Hahahahaha! Sorry. Just kidding.

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