Monday, October 29, 2007

Bush Cronyism Must End

From the Center for American Progress:
Are you tired of Bush cronyism? Have you had enough of the ineptitude? Are you concerned that the way this administration has handled the war on terror is making us LESS safe?

The Bush administration treats the war on terror as a way to pad the pockets of friends, such as Halliburton and Blackwater. These companies are making a killing on the taxpayer dime and failing to deliver on services and products promised... or worse, destroying our reputation by their “malfeance” (make that malfeasance). We need oversight in Afghanistan, the real front in the war on terrorists. With Osama bin Laden and the Taliban roaming free in the Afghani countryside, bungling reconstruction there will only help them recruit more terrorists hell-bent on attacking us.

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1 comment:

I.M. Small said...


Almost through every office, branch,
The government has now become
Excessive partisan, most staunch
In marching to a single drum.

Alas, diversity instead
Of party interest, has to reign
Or else democracy fall dead,
Some despot next come to contain.

Even unto the army: so
We have commissioned officers,
Have even Generals, you know,
As "realistic" yet rehearse

A solipsistic party line,
All other cause subordinate
To an agenda saturnine
Because resembling mostly hate.

The movement is quite opposite
That found in Pakistan today:
There judges, lawyers will not quit
Claiming impartiality.

Therefore a lockdown has occurred
And they are rounded up, and jailed,
Because the Ruler will have heard
Only his word, all else assailed;

While we here in America
Subvert, co-opt thought independent,
Spirit disinterested for Law,
None of impartial truth attendant,

But bending backwards everyone
To please the "powers that be" in charge,
Without consideration--none--
How tyranny but thus enlarge.

Worst is, all citizens applaud,
At least most vocal of the bunch,
While none else do protest the fraud,
But hang a placard, "out to lunch."

So Pakistan, beneath dictator
Boils freedom, like a jiggly lid
On kettle, while--praising creator--
Face of democracy we hid.

Soon tyranny may come to claim us,
It is willed by the common man,
Embracing patronage to shame us
Shorn aims egalitarian.

So it has been, so it shall be
Time out of mind: it always was
The ignorant majority
Revoked means democratic thus.