Wednesday, October 31, 2007

GOP Says "Meh" to Pesky Black Voters

Last month, you may remember that the GOP frontrunners decided not to appear for the African-American voter forum in Baltimore, putting into action the oft-cried "unfair" stereotype that white bread Republicans don't care all that much for the affairs of African-Americans.

Well, the crazy Whitey GOP is at it again. From the Huffington Post:
The Congressional Black Caucus Institute announced in September that it had scheduled a debate for November 4 on Fox News for Republican presidential candidates. But a spokeswoman for the group confirmed to the Huffington Post that it has now been postponed, with no new date set.

"The debate will not take place on November 4, and we're still considering the debate schedule," said CBC Institute spokesperson Georgella Muirhead.

Republican candidates have cited scheduling conflicts in resisting new proposed dates, Muirhead said.
There's really nothing more to say about this except it neatly coincides with the the report on Dick Cheney and his priorities:
A proposal to help the poor or sick would be presented at a White House meeting, but Vice President Cheney’s office or the budget team or some other skeptical officials would shoot it down. Too expensive. Wrong priority.

Sidenote: The Democratic boycott of the CBC forum (due to its airing by FOX) was quickly rescheduled on CNN for January 17th.

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