Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Michael Savage Hates on Immigrants

Here's what Michael Savage has to say about the resistant staph infections popping up around America:
We are told this is a new strain of staph. But the good doctors are either ignorant of epidemiology or afraid to tell the truth.Let us reason together.New, drug-resistant strains of bacteria appear in our hospitals over the past 10 years. Some are the result of over-use of antibiotics. But others are being brought into emergency rooms by the millions of illegal aliens who use our hospitals for primary care. Doctors, nurses and others then spread these "germs" throughout the hospital. And, of course, when illegals visit their relatives in the wards they also spread the gift that keeps on giving, drug-resistant staph infections. This is my own theory. I have an earned Ph.D. in epidemiology and human nutrition from the University of California, Berkeley (1978).
On his October 17th show, he follows it up with some DNA-famed Watson ideology that Africans are simply not as smart as white folk.

I'm not even going to touch the second half, but Dr. Epidemiology should have at least as much learning as Ricky Shambles, Armchair Scientist.

The DNA of the staph changes through natural mutation and has for millions of years. However, it has recently (in the last 50 years or more) come into contact with a heavy arsenal of antibacterial sterilization in hospitals and even in homes across America and the world. Any kid in an advanced high school Bio class can tell you that spreading bacteria on an agar plate laced with certain antibacterial or antibiotic will reveal bacteria that has a resistance to that antibacterial or antibiotic. After many bacterial generations proven through different antibiotics, you get a super-bacteria.

If you go to a foreign nation, you might get a different version of the bacteria. You might get the runs or throw up, perhaps be sick for several days and maybe even die. But not because of proper treatment gone bad. Savage bumped against this at the beginning of his diatribe, that even us liberals get stomach bugs when we travel. True.

But that's different bacteria, not super-resistant bacteria fostered in the corners of super-clean hospitals. The only reason the conquistadors killed so many was mostly due to viruses, and that was only because they carried strains of viruses that were completely new to the humans they encountered.

Not only does Michael Savage suggest that the different bacteria that might be brought into the country by illegal aliens is the super-bacteria, he suggests that they are doing it on purpose to dissolve our society. Not only does he not have a grasp on epidemiology, but he doesn't have a grasp on basic biology and evolution which Watson was a part of.

We are causing this, Michael. Rail against rampant use of antibacterial soaps and the unfortunate necessity of "clean rooms" during operations that save millions of Americans yearly, not illegal immigrants; the cause is basic biology, not your pseudo-racist ideology.

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