Thursday, November 08, 2007

Glenn Beck: Unrelated

[Note on this Unrelated note: This note was originally appended to a previous post, but as it was unrelated to anything being said in that post I felt it should have its own post, which makes it either completely related unto itself or completely unrelated in its ostracization.]

[Unrelated note: I'm listening to Glenn Beck's TV show and he's decrying Hollywood for "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" in their treatment of war. 1. Isn't that the definition of what we're apparently doing in Iraq and why it's not working? 2. The trite, mishandled, misquoted, mis-attributed saying is a representative symptom of Glenn Beck being a tremendous douchebag.

Like I said, unrelated.]

[Unrelated unrelated note (could we quit with the brackets already?): A few weeks ago I was out on a lunchtime jaunt and heard Rush Limbaugh spout that if global warming was to blame for the forest fires in California, it should also put them out because global warming causes flooding. That's right: flooding in the mountainous, forested regions of California. This is the twisted idiot junk science that we hear repeated and why the words out of Rush's mouth are a disease, spreading through the ignorant masses like the clap. Rush Limbaugh is also a douchebag, which, I guess, doesn't make this note so unrelated as I had anticipated.



Rick said...

Actually, we aren't doing the same thing over and over again in Iraq, and we are being successful there. You've surely seen the stats about violence being down 70% and deaths dropping as well? Heck, there is more violence on the Mexican border because of the drug traffic than there is in Iraq.

Ricky Shambles said...

Yes, rick, I've seen the stats. But the reason for those stats is further proof of the sad reality of the situation: 2 million Iraqis have left the country, almost 2.5 million displaced (and segregated) within the country. And that does not include American, Iraqi, or sectarian body counts.

It's like if you send a handful of bouncers into a bar brawl; the brawlers kill about 15% of each other, the bouncers kill another 15%, half the brawlers leave the bar to hide or fight elsewhere, and the last ten guys in the bar are sitting, grouped in opposite corners, quietly sipping their beers like they were when the whole mess started. That is not success.

Your comment is similar to Brit Hume's recent declaration that violence is so far down that Syria's not seeing anyone come over from Iraq. Reality is that Syria will no longer accept Iraqi citizens unless they have a visa. But he decidedly left that out.

The numbers are right. The reasons are not.