Friday, December 21, 2007

The Onion's Soldier Holiday Greetings

May not be around until Christmas. Enjoy this from The Onion News Network:

Our Troops Send Holiday Wishes For Peace, Goodwill, And Body Armor

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john in california said...

I have come to your site via 35%ers to ask all of you ( as have bluegal last week) to use whatever influence you have to push the Alist bloggers to make as much an effort to support Wexler’s petition as they did to goad/support Dodd and the FISA filibuster. As on this evening, Wexler’s Impeachment petition has over 129,000 signups, all without a major push on the blogs. Wexler’s goal is 250K but I think if the left blogosphere were to make it a priority, one million signature before Jan8, 08 (when the Judiciary Committee returns to business) is very possible. That would be the kind of outcry that Pelosi and Conyers could not ignore. I am just a lowly commenter, and, therefore I have found, of no consequence, to the A-listers. That’s fine, I have no personal sense of importance about this but do think that impeaching cheney is the first step in returning to a democracy. I am, of course, aware that hearings and trial would increase Dennis’s visibility but that is only a side benefit, not an ulterior motive. At any rate, I hope you will get behind an effort to get all lefty blogs to link Wexler’s petition daily and request their readers to sign up if they haven’t yet done so. Glenn Greenwald credits a few blogger with getting together to push for Dodd to hold and the filibuster FISA resulting in 500K emails in just a few day. Think how effective a similar effort would be wrt Impeachment. Thanks for anything you can do, Merry Christmas and Go Dennis!