Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bush and Abdullah - Strange Bedfellows

Note: All images pulled from CNN video

In the past couple days, President Bush has toured the Middle East, beginning with the first time in 7 years as a president that he's ever been to Israel. Personally, I wouldn't count that as genuine concern, but when you're drumming up support for the invasion of Iran, you've gotta take the big boy pill and cross the pond.

Bush given saber to rattle

Luckily, Bush made it to Saudi Arabia, where he was promptly given a saber to properly rattle. Doesn't this look like an action shot from a community theatre production of Lawrence of Arabia: The Musical?

Bush gets Special Guest Robe

Bush also gets a "Special Person's Robe," and he's so proud of himself, walking down the aisle like on graduation. Incidentally, that is the definition of "shit-eating grin."

Bush and Abdullah hold hands

There was quite a lot of hand-holding through the discussion process; kisses were in private. And often.

Bush Abdullah kissy kissy

UPDATE: Told you. Caught in that final, tingling, anticipatory second. Mmmm.

Bush sips tea on the veranda

Nothing like losing yourself in some tea post-coitus...

Watchin horsies

...and seeing what "hung like a horse" is supposed to mean.

All in all, it looks like it was a successful trip. The President just hopes that Abdullah will call, or else it's...

Tears of a clown know.

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