Thursday, February 07, 2008

Navy Invents New Way of Killing People

Holy shit.

Electromatnetic Railgun from the US Navy

Electromagnetic railguns mounted on U.S. naval vessels will use electricity to launch projectiles farther and faster than any ship in today's fleet. When fully operational, the electromagnetic railgun (EMRG) will:
  • Deliver hypervelocity projectiles at Mach 5 on impact in support of Marines and ground forces.
  • Strike within 5 meters of a pinpointed target from distances in excess of 200 nautical miles.
  • Maximize damage through kinetic energy from longer range while minimizing risks to crews and ships.
Tested on 1/31/08: Fired at 2,520 meters per second, the shot generated 10.64mj of muzzle energy.

From Navy, DVICE.

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