Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Obama, the Antichrist

Plenty of people in America don't like Obama. Some dislike his policies, some dislike that he's a Democrat, some don't like black people, and some are wondering if he's the Antichrist.

I'm not joking. Run a search on "Obama antichrist" and it will turn up a lovely slew of sites, most likely including the blog Barack Obama the Antichrist.

Unfortunately, many of the attacks we'll see on Barack Obama in the months leading up to November's election will be from people searching, searching so hard, to kill Obama's character in a way that - while unproven or ridiculous or absurd - is simply a form of knocking him down without being directly racist.

As dirty as it is, many Americans don't like black people. The tradition of the Republican party is non-inclusiveness. So in order to appeal to rational human beings who think hate and killing is wrong, those against Obama are furiously resulting in tactics that attack but do not include race.

I'm not a sucker and I don't believe that every attack on Obama is racism redefined, nor do I believe that he necessarily has all the experience necessary to be a great president. But given our 2 choices: geriatric confusion or n00b step-in, I'm shooting for the n00b. Let him in, let him win, let him occasionally fail. And let us have a voice to rail against it. But let Barack Obama into the leadership instead of the Bomb Iran, Keating guy.

McCain is not a good man. I think Obama is.

And, no, I do not believe he is the Antichrist. And if McCain's Hagee did, he'd let it happen for the delicious return of Jesus X2.

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