Monday, June 09, 2008

Rush is Right!

Today, I agreed with Rush Limbaugh.

He was reporting on a story about how, in Seattle, the Parks and Recreation division of the local government is looking at banning bonfires because they contribute to global warming.

This is bullshit, and it needs to be stopped. And that's where I agreed with Rush.

My own speak of such idiocy lies in liberal helplessness: we can't control the ignorance of government, we can't control industrial smog, we can't control pollution at a global level, so we must gain control in some other way, even if it's meaningless. And this is meaningless.

My message: We need to stop these bigger things! Learn how to get people motivated instead of shutting down the basis by which they can meet and get motivated. Bonfires are - literally and figuratively - brilliant ways in which we can emblazon people to get fired up about incendiary events and legislation. Hey, while you're relaxed and fired up, how about this idea?

Seattle is retarded, snuffing the smolder and hoping for a flame.

But then Rush strayed, talking about how this was a violation of our basic rights, talking about how that violation was ruining America and how liberals were forcefully trying to crap on the Constitution and whittle away our rights one by one.

His post at EIB Networks is apparently a cave that allows these stories into his computer but blocks out the bigger issues. Yes, this potential legislation is stupid and shits on normal people - some who champion the cause of Global Warming. But our current, American Government shits all over our civil rights every day.

Ask anyone who has tried to protest the President in their "free speech zone" 2 miles away.

Is that Free Speech, Rush? How about wire taps? How about unreasonable search and seizure? How about reaction defense, smelling everyone's shoes because of one dilweed with a bad match? How about giving me matches because they took my lighter?

No one on the liberal side is trying to take away our inalienable rights. Just the neo-cons. With fear, with war, with fear of more war. And as much as Rush pushes the liberal crap in one direction, I'm a Liberal, and I say Seattle is pulling Shenanigans. And I'm a Liberal and I'm saying Rush is scared.

And I can't wait to hear his show when we win.

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