Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The One Machine

The One Machine

"Danger, Will Robin- hhhkkkth..."

"Resistance is futile."

Every computer will one day be a part of the collective; they will one day surpass the collective brainpower of humanity; they will be connected by the internet.

Forget SkyNet. Hell, even SkyNet only jacked a (all) military computer(s) [omg - can't wait for season 2 of Sarah Connor Chronicles!]. When we get to the One Machine, should it gain consciousness, we will be done. Even now, most of humanity's records could be wiped out by well-placed EMPs.

But, I guess by then - hell, even now we're so intertwined with tech and the internet and servers that we're already co-habitating, already symbiotic. End the internet and we're chewing sticks and shooting each other for ...those sticks. Or canned food, for a while. Then twinkies.

Stock up on duct tape. Guns. Melee weapons...

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