Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Talk Radio Hiatus

I'm a little tired of listening to Alex Bennett and Lynn Samuels on the left whack at Obama like a piñata. I'm tired of Wilkow's constant naming of Barack as a Marxist, Mike Church's dude spittle shitting The Messiah, Rush's drug-confused logic, Hannity's Stop Obama Express, and Levin shouting like chipmunk on crack. I'm not even going into O'Reilly or Gibson. Or Savage.

There are problems with Obama's candidacy, but if not him, then McCain, and holy shit that cannot happen.

So since no one is going to talk about anything except how much they don't like Obama (or in a few cases like him), my Sirius lovin' on talk radio is going to take a pause from Left and Fox and Patriot which generally makes up 90% of my listening day.

So what am I listening to instead? Right now, it's energie2, a French pop station (I'm also fond of Rock Velours and Bandeapart). Other favorites are CBC Radio 3, Iceberg, and Left of Center (indie), Chill, Area 38, and Boombox (electronic/dance).

So I'm sorry, but no talk radio means no talk radio rants for about a week. But I think we can both use a break.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you really need a break from it. I've got XM and I'm listening to a lot of indie rock and singer/songwriter stuff.

I still tune in to CSPAN's Washington Journal for a jolt of reality when they do the a.m. call in show, though. That gets my blood pumping.

It usually takes about three callers before I'm reaching for the dial.

Ricky Shambles said...

Ah, that's the one station I left off: The Coffee House singer/songwriter stuff. Always good.

So jealous - no CSPAN on Sirius. No worries, merge on its way.