Wednesday, October 08, 2008

That One

The last 24 hours have been really exciting.

I'll be posting some point-by-point over at All Things Democrat which, if you haven't been, is now a forum as opposed to a blog. Still a great site, just more voice for everyone.

But let's get to some videos.

Today McCain apparently thought he was campaigning for President of his Cell Block:

If you haven't heard about it yet, you will. At one point in last night's debate, McCain, without looking at him, pointed at Barack Obama as "that one." Holy shitake! I was expecting "boy" next, closely followed by "my negro friend." What the fuck?

And, of course, the final snub of the night. It's past McCain's bedtime and he hasn't eaten so he can take his back pills, so he refuses to shake Obama's hand and rushes out of there as Obama stays to visit and speak with audience members.

Love that snub.


charles said...

Check out this -

Straight Talk on McCain said...

I was raised to show respect towards others. Some of the ways to be an honorable man was to look people in the eye, speak the truth, and shake people’s hands. To refuse a hand that was extended to you was a sign of disrespect. For McCain to refuse to shake Obama’s hand reveals McCain’s lack of character.