Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Veep Debate: On a Parental Note...

Forgot to bring up this point last week:

I realize that the knee-jerk reaction of the of the right wing at the end of the VP debate made a quick transition from "Woot woot woot, she didn't shit the bed!" to "Awww, she brought da baby!"

Quick question popped up in my head: "What the fuck kind of parent are you to haul a special needs kid out on national stage at 11pm?"

Answer: A shitty one, playing politics with children.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that Sarah. I gave her shit today for making those hideous speeches with her kids in the audience.

Jennifer Hugon said...

This is a great observation and one that probably slips by most people while they are cheering and feeling that "personal connection" to Sarah. She's just like Me!

"Awww, she brought da baby!" indeed.