Monday, November 03, 2008

Republicans and Blocking the Vote - a Couple Days Early

From this weekend:
Another day, another Republican attempt at suppressing the vote.

Because of the incredible interest and enthusiasm for early voting we're experiencing here in Ohio, Democrats called an official meeting yesterday to extend the hours for early voting in Franklin County [Columbus Area]. But two Republican members of the board -- Doug Preisse and Michael Colley -- refused to show up for the meeting, blocking the effort to help people vote.
Listen to the right wing on the radio, on the television, and they're constantly dismissing any idea that Republicans have any desire to suppress the vote. And then you look at their fucking deplorable actions. They laugh when we say they can be racist and wonder why all the African Americans aren't flocking to the right, yet the voting changes and restrictions and caging and scare tactics overwhelmingly disenfranchise minorities.

To the Republicans: this election is not about partisanship but about facilitating the largest voter turnout in a generation, allowing people to have a voice in unprecedented numbers. Putting up the wall now and on Election Day is exactly the behavior that will knock your ass out of the political arena. This time, there are a lot more people to piss off. And we will notice.

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