Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pickle Pringles

I was going to rant about a crappy experience I had today, but found in my searches that it had already had been done for me.

Check out this post on the Pringles Extreme Screamin’ Dill Pickle.

If you like pickles, if you like Pringles, it just plain sucks. Done. No more than that. I feel so betrayed. I need to take a shower.

UPDATE: No, after a shower, the tennis ball tube in my pantry still haunts me. $2? WTF? I don't even think the pigeons would eat it. I don't even think I have pigeons!

Ah, painful pickle spice, three Pringles down, what to do with the leftover pain?

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Oh no no no no no. NO.

Dill pickle potato chips? Very Southern. Oh yes. Golden Flake. Now that's good stuff. Strong. Powerful. Sometimes enough to make your eyes water. But delicious.