Monday, February 09, 2009

Not Cheap Window Plastics: 3M Post (Color) Corrected

This weekend I noted that during Obama's now-famous call to cap the salary of corporate big-wigs, it looked like the window behind him had been poorly-sealed with 3M plastic. You know, the kind that stops drafts from freezing you out in the winter if you have crappy windows.

Turns out it was not cheap plastics over the windows. It was expensive window plastics.

My post got play on C&R Blog Roundup and one of the comment-folk brought the light (sorry -- lamp):
Murphy Tinsley said...

What you are looking at is a sheet of neutral density with color correction put on the window by the MSNBC television crew. This material allowed them to balance the light level of the exterior with the level inside the office. There is also color correction to balace outside daylight with the lights they were using inside (unless they were HMI's.)
A credible and completely valid response.

I thank all my readers for visiting and my comment-folk especially for setting me straight. Even I am not without ignorance.

Even if the 3M explanation was more fun.

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