Monday, March 23, 2009

MSNBC and Ed Schultz? Tasty!

Speculation abounds about Ed Schultz getting his own show on MSNBC:
Speculation about Mr. Schultz’s future role at MSNBC has focused on two time slots: the 6 p.m. hour (currently anchored by David Shuster) and the 10 p.m. hour (which currently features a repeat of Countdown with Keith Olbermann).
I think it would be a fine addition to the rapier wit of the current Olbermann/Maddow lineup. He's one of the few radio hosts I can listen to - on either side - on a regular basis.

Keep your fingers crossed; this could get tasty.


Naomi said...

(I came for the HFCS, thanks to C&L's "Mike's BlogRoundup". He made an excellent choice!)

After listening to BigHeaddie Schultz when I had XM/AirAmericaRadio, I quickly came to detest him. Why? His voice and vocal styling.

Shorter: When he gets "passionate", he sounds like Rush'Bo on estrogen! Tons of estrogen! His voice rises so high, dogs across America start howling. Hysterical menopausal women are not attractive. Men historically tend to ignore their concerns/complaints.

Which is why I'm mystified that he has any male audience...

(WARNING: Men, do not try this at home. Only women are allowed make these charges.)

Lorelei said...

I think Ed Shultz is great. I was heartbroken when our radio station for the Left was suddenly taken off the air a few weeks before the election and replaced with ESPN who oh so wisely were predicting that the best team in the NFL would be the Cleveland Browns. He would be the perfect follow up to Rachel as they both make great use of...oh what is it called...there is so little of it nowadays... LOGIC, that's it!

Naomi said...

Lorelei, I knew it was unlikely that I'd get 100% agreement on my views. After all, I'm a Dem -- and we ONLY shoot our own. (Still better than eating them, a la GOPs).

Still, I have had a "crush" on Dr. Maddow from the beginning. Her knowledge is encyclopedic; her ability to frame issues is phenomenal; her commitment is unswerving; and her humor dry and subtle. BigBrain, ethics and compassion -- we need to clone her!

Maddow + Olbermann: just what we need.

Maddow + Olbermann + Schultz: Let's just say that if I had a TV, you'd hear a loud "click" when Rachel was done. (I practice that every day, anyway. SiriusLeft carries two hours of his show; I'd rather listen to DoctorRadio, which isn't a slam on DocRad. I'm a Liberal first; a medical consumer second...)

If he gets the slot, the best thing is is it will be the end (for the most part) of his shameless self-promotion. (MSNBC will want to push their network first.) In that, he reminded me of Al Franken: "All Al, all the time". I was secretly hoping he would win Coleman's seat just to get him off AAR.

At my age (63), I find that quality matters. After Keith and Rachel have finished their shows, the BigHead is just redundant.

If they wanted a funny pundit, they should hire Marc Maron. Maron's "Morning Sedition Show" on AAR was "acid in GWB's face". EVERY.MORNING.