Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Couple Items to Catch the Eye

Ah, Good ol' Gordon Brown, PM of Britain, in an unfortunate juxtaposition to a high school project.

Gordon Brownshirt


The UK has said Michael Savage is banned from the UK. Michael Savage will officially reply with litigation. Michael Savage's real name is Michael Weiner. I do not believe Mr. Weiner would leave the loose borders of his beloved America. And WHY do news resources such as The Independent keep using the almost-hip sunglasses pic of Mr. Weiner when the following is an old pic?

Old Man Savage says: Get off my lawn you dirty gays!

The man is about 2 weeks from meat falling off the bone.

...and he looks like Sam from Today's Special.

US teacher broke law by describing creationism as 'superstitious nonsense'

Judge rules remark was 'improper disapproval of religion' and violated first amendment of US constitution.

Good on that teacher. Of course, he should have just said that it has no base in scientific fact and no place in public schools. And he probably should've been a science teacher. European history? Kind of a stretch, even if I completely agree with his statement.

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