Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Linktastica Upgrade!

Well, there you go. I finally did it. I cleaned up that old list of links I used to call a blogroll. And - damn! - there were quite a few defunct destinations, whether they were not even found or stopped posting soon after the last election.

The good news is that all the goodies that still existed and all the folks I follow have been updated in the new, improved, blog list in my side column. It ranks by most recent update, which makes me think I might strip out a couple of the mainstream feeds in honor of people who have great content but cannot post 30 times a day.

Two new additions also join us: Watergate Summer and God is For Suckers! Both good reads. And I don't know if I ever mentioned Calvin, but check that out too.

That is all. Now...must find an appropriate van mural.

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