Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Round-up (UPDATED)

Not a regular feature (or is it?). Just Wednesday.

Obama Still Smokin'

President Obama still has the occasional cigarette. Hey, me too. All the Repubs are still using the messianic language as a mockery. I think this flaw in particular makes him more human. Though I'm still pissed about the FDA legislation.

Jon & Kate Split

Yes, I watched the episode. In the above link, Kate says "It feels like I failed." Good, dear. You did. When they announced it, I all but jumped up off the couch and cheered that Jon was distancing himself from that poison energy and giving himself a chance to find out who he was again.

Sleepy Tattoo Face

If you missed the story, the above chicky came home with 56 stars tattooed on her face, her pops flipped his shit and she told him she only asked for 3 stars and fell asleep and woke up with 56. Oh Noes! International media coverage ensues. She sticks and sticks and this week finally confesses she asked for 56 stars and changed her story when daddy got angry. I believe everyone already knew that.

But it didn't help that the tattoo artist looks like this:

I'm not even kidding.

Where in the World is S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford?

As of right now, he's back in good ol' SC. Two days ago, when he'd been missing for 5 days and completely incommunicado, the staff said he was hiking the Appalachian Trail. That is, the trail he didn't want stimulus money to fix and a hike that corresponded with National Hike Naked day, all over Father's Day Weekend.

Then today he returned ...from Argentina. Ooh, of course. Buenos Aries, that all-popular last-minute destination of so many disappearing politicians. I'm guessing 1) we have not heard the last of this story and 2) Marky Mark isn't going to be running for Prez in '12.

UPDATE: Marky Mark has admitted to an affair, revealing he went to Argentina with a lady that was not his wife. Sur-prize, sur-prize!


It appears Iranian citizens are still protesting pretty strongly despite the crackdown and violence against them. N. Korea is getting feisty and wingin' threats at the Good ol' US of A. Keep an eye on these two. We might be in store for some serious shit before the 4th of July holiday weekend (and pay SPECIAL attention then - that's when politicians get hinky because they think you're not paying attention)

Armani is Suddenly Stupid

Okay, okay, be on your way now. Nothing else to see here. Except a van mural. But that's after lunch.

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