Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Animation and Gaming Convention Ohio

Zelda tramp stamp
The *ahem* Triforce

Animation & Gaming in Ohio. In Cincinnati! And after you read this description, you will not wonder why I read this and immediately "Holy shit! I must attend for the spectacle!"
  • Cosplay Musical (Theme of Resident Evil)

  • Wrestling Hoboken (Watch a full on show by the talented guys from Mad Pro Wrestling, followed by matches from you favorite games, cartoons and anime characters as they square off in the wrestling ring)

  • Battle of the Rock Bands (Think you have what it takes to go into a Rock Band Tourney and come out victorious on the A&G Main Event Stage in front of a crowd of your peers? Then Bring it on.. it's time to rock!)

  • New Signature Events to this years line up will include:

  • Zombie Apocolypse (it's a game, it's a LARP, it's live action, and it's lazer tag. All rolled up into one)

  • Zelda live-action adventure (based off the hit game from Nintendo- Zelda)

Cincinnati. March 12-14, 2010. Weekend badge is $20 until Jan. 1. Be there.


Randal Graves said...

Zombie Apocalypse? Now that's something I could sink my teeth into.

Ricky Shambles said...