Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some Shit About Stuff and Shit

Chanting Obama
How about a video of a town hall NOT gone horribly wrong?

The little kid drawing on the ground in the dark really hit me.

But note to pro-Obama folks: Stop the "We won" chant. "We won" describes ONE single success and intimates that the Democratic party can do whatever the fuck they want. That is not a good message. Ever. It is not a message; it is being a poor winner. If we toss a mandate on the election of Obama, we are no better than the sucking-on-the-Dubya-teat crowd. Say something with meaning. Your chants may not be catchy, but they'll be focused.

Woman on Fire
A woman set herself on fire in a mall. I'm awaiting the video. But if I were somehow coerced to the Mall of America (think B.A. Baracus on a flight) and awoke in that place, I might just do the same thing. The correct phrase, not used in the story, is self-immolation.

In a related story, a woman on fire in a mall deemed so hawt, 15 were burned trying to grab whatever clothing she had on. Damn.

Obama Threat
Some asshat thought it would be a good idea to concoct a freeway-exit-caliber cardboard sign that said "Death to Obama."

I'm sure some goon on the right will denounce his arrest.

But it's a pretty widely popular notion that a threat to the POTUS - in written or verbal form - is a federal offense. Or at least a viable threat. Like that other asshat who showed up to his town hall meeting with a firearm strapped to his leg.

I propose a new law: Deport the Fucktards.

Palin ...Again
In the same vein as the last section, Palin is spouting again. On fucking Facebook!

That's your platform? That's your "oh, conservatives didn't get it in '08" punch to the young folks?

No one reads anything on Facebook more than a couple sentences, and you post your manifesto TRYING to convince us that your vagrant, foolish nomenclature of "death panels" is valid?

Once again: the federal government's constant point has always been that a living will is probably a good idea. The new plan says the government will pay for setting that up. What's confusing about that? Are you trolling for another Schiavo? Do you want more pain?

Either way, go for it. Position yourself for 2012.

We'll have a damn ball.

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