Friday, August 21, 2009

Michelle's Shorts Sanctimonious Blowout

Holy shit! Did you see this!?

Michelle Obama in Shorts

This is Michelle Obama, the First Lady, getting off Air Force One looking like she's on vacation in Kenya or Hawaii or something. Sheesh!

At least that's some of the weird, misaligned flap coming off the whole photo op.

Let's make this clear: criticism of Michelle in shorts is coming from two camps - old folks who grew up with a different reality of propriety and conservatives looking to piss and moan about anything at all having to do with the Obamas.

Old folks I can understand. Conservatives I never do.

If Michelle came off the plane in a nice pants suit, they'd have the designer on the phone getting a price quote and bitching that she doesn't shop at Target and is an elitist. She looks like a normal person (who works out and looks pretty damn good in shorts) so it's improper or un-ladylike for them.

How about a burqa next time? She's already received flack from asshat conservatives that she's "mean" and "angry" because she has an opinion and a voice. And it would be surprising if some of that vitriol didn't have it's roots in the fact that she's not only a woman, but black, and the white man pundits have a problem with a class that doesn't know its place.

But I ramble. Michelle looks fine in shorts physically. It is not a fashion faux-pas to get off a plane in the middle of summer in the US in shorts; it actually humanizes her as First Lady. Michelle Obama is not - and never will be - a stretchy mom-jeans kind of woman. Nor should she. Us fans like her just the way she is.


Megan said...

People are actually upset about this? For reals?

Randal Graves said...

I don't care who you are or what your station is in life, or if you're a tool or not, when it's fucking hot, it's okay to wear shorts, except for tools like Rush or Sensenbrenner. Wankers.

Ricky Shambles said...

I couldn't believe it either Megan. And Randal's got it exactly - it's hot, wear shorts. Period. Of course everyone flaps about it on Friday and then Monday they say "see, no one's covering the real Obama news, just Michelle's shorts." (that was Hannity today. tard.)