Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Return of Van Mural Wednesday!

Van Mural Wednesday

At first I was concerned because this vehicle appears to be on fire in the front and was quickly relieved to see the river just behind it. Anyway, this delivery van is so out of this world, those flames are obviously from re-entry. Mt. Fugi, The Incredibles, TWO different Indians (arrows, not dots), a buck an eagle... shit. Just enjoy its wonder.


Kyle said...

That's a salute to Tacoma, WA and environs - the Tacoma dome, the Narrows bridge, Mt. Rainier, local wildlife, local tribes, and the Viking is probably due to the awesome Scandinavians that settled there (like my forebearers).

That van is worthy - but is Tacoma worthy of that van???

Ricky Shambles said...

Fantastic comment! Thanks for the clarification. And agreed: is Tacoma worthy?

Bryan said...

Question not the worthiness of Grit City! How dare you faithless dogs besmirch the splendor of our holy realm? Cease and desist, lest we fling a fetid wood-pulp clod at you.

Kyle said...

No need to fling pulp, Bryan - I can smell it from here! ;)