Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Ohio, Cincinnati Politics - Recap

Yesterday was that time of the year again: Me drinking wine out of a box until 1am! It was also election day!

Couple notes on the presentation, then to the issues and how they fared.

  • WLWT - What was up with the giant "2" in 2009? You're channel 5. WTF?
  • WKRC (channel 12) - not everyone has a 52" 1080p television. I've got a reasonably large tube TV and could not make out the results on the bottom of the screen.
  • WCPO (channel 9) - Unrelated to elections, but "A travel trend with all the benefits?" Who's writing your naughty copy?

And on to the issues:

Ohio Issue 1 was funding for veteran care. No-brainer. Passed like nuts.

Ohio Issue 2 was to allow the state to outline guidelines for animal care. Well, you may say, that sounds cheery! Of course Yes! And that's why it was worded the way it was. The Humane Society was hard against it because it basically allowed the state to bow to dirty, mass meat producers and draw up guidelines that favor those mass producers so animals can be kept in tiny little cages, etc. The NO lobby was out to lunch on education, so it passed easily. Sad day for independent farmers in Ohio.

Ohio Issue 3 was ...Casinos! They've got 'em in Indiana, West Virginia, Michigan, but not here. The bill called for four casinos to be built: Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. Aside from the churchy folks, it was pretty easily passed and means a great deal of income and jobs for our state. Oh, and gambling and maybe some hookers. So yay!

Hamilton Co. 4 was for family medical care, 5 for MR/DD, both passed.

Hamilton Co. 6 was a levy to support the Museum Center and 7 was to support the libraries as Ohio found it necessary to cut the state budget for libraries - one of our best resources - by over 25%. Until today, county has never had a hand in funding. Both passed!

Hamilton Co. 8 was to keep the Water Works a public utility (passed), and 9 was: a Yes vote meant you wanted anything having to do with streetcar planning to be put on a ballot for general vote. It went down, meaning the city can spend that money without voter approval when the time comes, after talking about it for a decade, that they might invest in a rail system.

Really, I thought this post would be a little more interesting. Sorry about that. But yay casinos!


minerva mouse said...

i'm so pissed off regarding how the public was duped on issue 2 - except for emails from a variety of groups I saw no evidence of a strong no campaign - I was even interested in putting a no on issue 2 in my yard, but could I find one - not a chance.

of course those agribusiness pockets are deep and there are more than a few politicians who enjoy being in them....

re issue 3 - this year I did vote yes, I was on the fence for a while (it was the constitutional issue that had me, I don't really give a shit if folks are dumb enough to go lose their shirts) but the no on issue 3 ad that had the bottom line about the devil is in the details, with a pic of a devil, was the final straw which made me vote yes!!

Randal Graves said...

I'm not shocked that Issue 2 passed, but it was nearly 2-to-1 in favor. Which, if I pause to think about that, isn't all that shocking, either.

Big business wins again. Surprise, surprise.

Ricky Shambles said...

mouse - the churchies pushed me the little last bit too. That and my whole fam's up in Cleveland and this is the kind of boost that needs to happen. I heard somewhere that the decaying Flats are the place juste for the Cleveland Casino.

both - Issue 2 just pisses me off. And the fact that I got a robocall from BOTH senators pushing the Yes vote says as much about them as it does about the lobbyists.