Thursday, December 17, 2009

In Short: Mark Levin is Retarded

I just turned to SIRIUS Patriot to hear Mark Levin spout that the life expectancy in the US is not at par with other first world nations because people in the US drive cars with less steel and less size and you're not going to survive a crash in one of those tiny cars.

He has apparently never been to a foreign country, where tiny cars is pretty much the f'ing rule. Small cars, fuel economy, etc. Standard. Throughout Europe.

I suggest Mark to to Ireland and - if he can find it - drive around in an Escalade. He might be able to make it through the streets of major cities, i.e. Dublin. But he will never find a place to park, and if he ever has to travel outside the city, he will kill the first person he meets crossing many wide swaths of roads that are about 9 feet wide and lined with ancient stone walls.

That's why they have small cars there. Douche.

And he's going on, but I'll just say: Mark, the phrase is "Waiting for the OTHER shoe to drop" not "waiting for another shoe to drop."

Stop lying. Grow a brain.



Randal Graves said...

Did you ever think he was talking about a centipede? Didn't think so, hippie. STEEL! No, STEELE!

Anonymous said...

Why must liberal impugn the intelligence of those they hate? Disagree with Levin, but they guy's no dummy.

I can't dispute what you heard, but this brings up the point that if you control for car wrecks and violent crime, our longevity is longer than Europe.

We are a violent country; more people die violently here and you can't blame that on "health care."

Ricky Shambles said...

foutsc- I can't say I've impugned his intelligence. His information and/or education is literally "retarded." That means stilted in some way. I'm guessing by assumption.

If you're willing to state "if you control for car wrecks and violent crime, our longevity is longer than Europe," I would expect some link at least that would validate that.

And despite your argument, over a Quarter of a Million Americans will die because of lack of insurance before 2013.


Isn't that a problem?