Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Politics: Republican NO-bama!

Day two of the scheduling plan and we've got some politics for you. So far so good.

Tomorrow night, President Obama is going to deliver his State of the Union Speech.

Now leaked: He's going to put a freeze on domestic spending.

So what do the Borrow-and-Spend Republicans say about a freeze on spending by their so-called Tax-and-Spend Democrats? Wrong!

Why? Isn't taking more financial responsibility for the country important.



"Democrat mean 'BAD.'"

So it just boils down to that, does it? Anything Obama and the Democratic party does is subject to ridicule and twisting and a good kneading and beating in the taffy-pulling machine that is the conservative media-political machine? Violently oppose anything proposed - even if it does some good for the country - in order to feign compromise, which the Democrats foolishly acquiesce to, at which point you'll still shout NO but now claiming that it's a weak bill in concert with liberals who say it doesn't go far enough?


But what about genuine health care reform, helping those that need the most help in an admittedly broken system?


Discounted meals for poor kids?

"Breeding machines!"

Cute puppies?


I see. And what about a Supreme Court that just allowed unlimited corporate campaign contributions from corporations, including foreign corporations, figuratively turning McCain-Feingold on its head (and even making McCain turn tail on his own legislation)?

"Oh, we were in power then. Dems may have been genuinely bi-partisan, but we just wanted to limit their funding. Now? No power. We've got to win in 2010 somehow."

That's what I thought.

"Democrat mean 'BAD.'"



Mr. Blue said...

Wow, did you ALREADY forget about what occured during his first year?

This guy is back in campaign mode and you all are just lapping it up! how comical.

Ricky Shambles said...

What's comical is the lack of actual criticism. Just "Hey, you're making fun of Conservatives! Your're wrong and blind to Stupid Obama!"

Which is what I was ridiculing.

Thank you for being a living example.