Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Politics on Tuesday? Easy: Repubs Are the Danger

At this point, who on the right is still kidding themselves: Republicans are not for actual medical reformation. They never have been. They want to keep their corporate medical sponsors (granted, it's been hard for the Dems with their corp med sponsors too). But the 'Pubs haven't put effort into anything except NOT putting effort into the reform Americans are desperately in need of.

Wait, that's not true. Repubs are putting a great deal of effort into scaring the hell out of the ignorant American populace that the (Obama v. 2.1) USA is going to take over their health care. And KILL US ALL! It's true. Ask Beck or Limbaugh or any of those other conservative ass-clowns who claim an allegiance to a more pure form of American government than the Republicans. And everything Obama does is bad and wrong and is deliberately so. Obama hates America!

So the Democrats have to go and the Republicans who don't get the AM Radio Stamp of WhateverTheFuck (most of them) ALL NEED TO GO. And by fostering that level of ignorant voting rampage, and ignorant Tea Party education, you foster a frenzy-dom of stupidity, a madness of idiocy, all of them suckling on the teat of talk radio like a crack baby on its amphetamine-laced lactation.

Right wing radio: you're right. America is in danger. America is in danger from you. YOU are fostering not an educated populace, but an ignorant one. You are fostering your dream of an oligarchy ruled by madness that fits your version of reality.

You are the danger.

And as disconcerting as it is, I say: Bring it on. Usher Palin into 2012. Kill reform without solutions. We'll be waiting. With facts. And you will lose.

Or America will.

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