Thursday, June 24, 2010

Internets: What is Odd?

Today's word is "odd." Let's see what the internets thinks, shall we?

If your glasses are odd and they reflect personality...what you sayin' 'bout my personality? I can guarantee with glasses like that her mouth opens much wider that it looks. And she's got little teeth ;)

Wait, if he catches it? So my personal enjoyment is based on the aptitude of a metal frog automaton that runs on 2 D batteries? That doesn't sound like fun. But I bet it's loud!

Yeah, totally odd. I didn't think they made Buick convertibles in the 80's.

Very odd. If you're going to go to that extent, might as well make it a SleepNumber. And must you wear platforms and have a Kid 'n' Play haircut to sleep in one?

Odd, I didn't know Gary Coleman and Dana Plato were an item.

So there's your odd for the week. Now get off my lawn!


Badger said...

My wife is in the USA this week. Do you think they still make Odd Oggs - I would love on of those.

Ricky Shambles said...

Badger! If you do a search on, there is at least 1 in auction right now for the next 24 hours. Hit it!