Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Facebook Marijuana - I Like Weed!

I'm conflicted.

I got an email in my inbox from Firedoglake saying the following:
Marijuana legalization has been censored by Facebook.
Facebook just banned our ads that support marijuana legalization. The social networking site says we can no longer advertise our campaign for marijuana legalization using our logo, which has a pot leaf.

We need to fight back against Facebook's censorship. Can you sign our petition protesting Facebook's unfair policy against legalization ads? We'll send the petition to Facebook and tell the media about the site's censorship of a popular political issue.

I'm as liberal as they get. I love Firedoglake. While I hardly ever smoke anymore, I love me some marijuana. And I am wholeheartedly, 100% behind any legalization efforts. Legalize it already!

But Firedoglake, I'm going to have to pass on this one. See, I've got Irish Dancer here at home. She's 14. And her and all her friends and kids much younger than her use Facebook every day.

She knows that marijuana is not addictive and not the devil because we're open as parents about the effects of drugs. She's also aware that marijuana use during teen years can negatively affect developing cognition. But that's a discussion for us to have with her as parents, and there are many more kids out there without that talk, without that openness, who are ignorant on the topic.
Our ads show marijuana leaves as part of a political campaign to change public policy. It's like telling a political candidate for office that it's unacceptable to show the candidate's face in advertising.

Hold the fucking bus, Gus. Irish Dancer could tell you that's a really shitty analogy. Here's a better one: Popping a marijuana leaf up on Facebook is like popping a leaf up in a loud, crowded theater before the premiere of Eclipse; it will go unnoticed by many, but subconsciously it'll be there. And that theater's full of kids.

And the point of the campaign is to change the fact that it's still illegal. I fully support legalization, but not with ads on Facebook. And when we're successful and we get it legalized, give me a call and we'll smoke a j and laugh about that time I was a dick 'cause I've got a kid. :)


Booksteve said...

Nicely put! I haven't smoked in 30 years (and barely enough to count even then) but I'm all for legalization and have joined several of these Facebook groups for same. Our son is 13 and level-headed about such things but as you say, it's a wider world than that. Well done, sir.

Fragrant Liar said...

Wow. Can you be my mom? Or better yet, my campaign manager? You rocked that.

Pearl said...

Ha! What FRagrant Liar said!


loveable_homebody said...

Great post and great points. I'm glad Facebook seems to realize that young people, many of whom have Facebook, are very impressionable. But maybe there are other reasons for this censorship? I imagine Facebook wants to avoid backlash from people opposed to the legalization of marijuana or those who just don't want to see ads for it.

It's so awesome that you are so open with your daughter. Many parents would either try to shield their parents from such conversation and exposure, or, in conversations with their children about marijuana, demonize people who use it. I'm glad you haven't done either!

Ricky Shambles said...

Thanks for all the great comments!

Booksteve- Thanks and keep out an eye for that wider world.

Fragrant/Pearl - I'm sure I can work out something with the Time Lords :)

loveable- yeah, it's natural. we've shielded her only in the fact that we both used to smoke an ass-ton of pot. But we've only not told her that because (oddly) she hasn't asked. Then again, when we say "It doesn't matter what drug you've done, if you come home on it, we're going to know - no parent BS. We know." That probably drops the hint strongly enough.