Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Ohio's Shady Abortion Tactics - Heartbeat Bill

It appears that the Republicans at the state level are following suit with those at the national level: no ideas, no job creation, but get on up in them lady parts and STOP abortion!

This is Ohio State Rep. Lynn R. Wachtmann (R), and tomorrow he's going to introduce the "Heartbeat Bill" which is aimed at banning any abortions at the point when a heartbeat becomes detectable. Sounds absurd, right? The bad news? "42 of the 99 representatives in the Ohio state House have signed on to the bill, which would make an exception to the heartbeat rule only in emergency medical situations."

But even the head of Ohio Right to Life doesn't support the bill:
Michael Gonidakis wants to ban all abortions, but the executive director of Ohio Right to Life knows it doesn't help his cause to fight for bills that he says have no chance of being upheld by the federal courts.

So we've got another example of politicians ignoring jobs and the economy and politically posturing themselves by passing legislation that will ONLY set an already ailing state up for a prolonged legal battle. Awesome. Maybe Rep. Wachtmann can dig deep and fund that process instead of us taxpayers.

You can reach Rep. Wachtmann to let him know (politely) that this legislation will do nothing but hurt Ohio here:

77 S. High St
13th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Phone: (614) 466-3760
Fax: (614) 719-3975
Email: district75@ohr.state.oh.us


Dr. MVM said...

The only place big government is welcome is in the uterus. Mind boggling.

Pearl said...

Oh, for cryin' out loud!!

Next, of course, they'd have to define "heart". At what gestational month is there an actual heart?! What is the point of this bill?!


VJBinCT said...

Were I female, and from Ohio, I would be screaming, "I don't want white male rightwing yahoos climbing up my vagina and telling me what I can or cannot do with my uterus!"

Silliyak said...

May I recommend an EKG AND an EEG for Ohio State Rep. Lynn R. Wachtmann (R)

Anonymous said...

Republicans should do what we sent them to do- economy, jobs, spending. If not, they will be history at the next election.

Anonymous said...

i just called the rep.'s office and told the nice lady who answered that i thought, "a woman's uterus is no place for the legislature." i encourage everyone to make the same call.

Ricky Shambles said...

Dr.MVM- Amen to that.

Pearl- Exactly!

VJ- I'm stunned, as by Catholic priests who give marriage advice.

Silliyak- Please do. His phone number is in the post.

Anon1- true dat.

Everyone else: Knock up Anon2's idea! Wait...

Bill said...

Ah, just send him last Christmas's fruitcake, a favorite treat for Repugs.

Kay Dennison said...

I find this really disgusting after seeing what's happening in Wyoming where GOP women are fighting back:


I knew Kasich was going to be a disaster!!!!!

Randal Graves said...

We really do have the coolest state in the union.

Ricky Shambles said...

Bill- Furitcake might work, as the no-man's land he inhabits between Toledo and Fort Wayne suggests he already owns a lawn jockey.

Kay- Great link! Never thought I'd say Wyoming is cooler than Ohio.

Randal- Exactly. Except for Wyoming, of course. Then again, we probably kick their ass in lawn jockey per capita.