Thursday, February 10, 2011

Conservatives = (Teh Stupid)^3

Today we collect some of the conservative email alerts I receieve every day and throw up a little in our mouths. Got some crazy, some stupid, and some crazy stupid. But what would you expect?

#41 of 365 Ways to Drive a Liberal Crazy
Give them another reason why Obama has GOT to go.

He claimed to have campaigned "in 57 states—I think one left to go"; he referred to a Navy corpsman as a "corpse-man"; and in a speech in France, he seemed to think "American" was a language. Need I go on?

So Obama was tired and misspoke about the states, mis-pronounced something. Get over it. We could fill a calendar with Bush gaffes based on genuine mental deficiency.

But Haha, he thinks American is a language? "American English" is a language, as it differs from British or "The Queen's" English, often truncated to "American." However, that requires both book-learnin' and an awareness of a world beyond the borders of 'Merica, and conservatives just ain't cut out for those things.

Obama the Muslim

From the GOPUSA Newsletter:
Do You Believe Barack Obama is a Muslim?

It's a simple question, and it is one that Barack Obama has been asked in the past. Are you a Muslim? His answer has always been no. He states that he is a Christian, and yet in a recent focus group of Iowa Republicans, about half still believe that he is a Muslim and that his religious convictions guide his agenda. Perhaps it's his past statements and continuing coddling of known Islamic terrorist organizations that perpertuate this sentiment.

So do people watch Fox News because they're ignorant or does Fox News make people ignorant? GOPUSA is certainly late to this party, but carrying water is what it is. "Obama's a Muslim! Obama's a Muslim! Okay, who thinks Obama is a Muslim - don't forget his middle name is Hussein and he grew up attending a Madrassa? Geez, why do so many people think Obama's a Muslim?" The psychology of deception is so obvious here, there's no need to explain it further. Unless you're conservative.

Conservative Multiple Personality Disorder

CPAC got going today and who did they have kick it off? Batshit Crazy Bachmann! Seriously, if they want to do anything in 2012, they need to stop for a second and figure out if they're Conservatives or Republicans or Tea Partiers or Racist Christian Firearms.

(Update: Bachmann at CPAC from MaddowBlog)

Oh, yeah, they've already lost: politicking and blah blah jobs economy and they've done NOTHING but try to ban abortion and redefine rape.

Oh, yeah, they've got no problem with blatant lies and character assassination. So I guess they've still got a shot.

(Note on CPAC site: Don't click it, seriously - the background image of the site is 1.5MB PNG of the Constitution and they must be hosting it on the cheap because it takes forever to load. Glenn Beck image in the header, not on speaker list - false advertising? Oh, and their copyright still reads 2010. That's all I can take!)

Enough, already. Is it Miller time? Close enough.

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