Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Drudge: Aahh! President's a Negro! / Haha! Doesn't Know Sports!

You know, if we have a black president and we say "PRESIDENT CHECKS OUT: FOCUS ON B-BALL BRACKETS..." that means "Lazy nigga rather watch b-ball than put in a day's work."

You know, if we want to make fun of (someone, our president) by claiming they know nothing about sports we say PREDICTABLE: Picks all No. 1 seeds for Final Four...

So our president's not only lazy, but he doesn't know sports. Haha! Loser!

Wait, that first link says he'd rather watch sports. But that second link insinuates he's not spending enough time on sports.

Maybe the racist contrarians should send out a memo to get their story straight. Maybe Mike Drudge should send one to himself.


Megan said...

Overheard on the bus today: "I don't like Obama. He takes too many vacations. You didn't see President Bush taking vacations and when he did he went to, you know, forts and stuff."

Dr. MVM said...

Oh Drudge, what's up with you?