Thursday, March 17, 2011

That Guy Who Sends You Emails and They're Not That Bad ...Until...

Got this from one of those guys. WTF?
For centuries, Hindu women have worn a dot on their foreheads. Most of us have naively thought this was connected with tradition or religion, but the Indian embassy in Ottawa has recently revealed the true story.

When a Hindu woman gets married, she brings a dowry into the union. On her wedding night, the husband scratches off the dot to see whether he has won a convenience store, a gas station, a donut shop, a taxi cab, or a motel in the United States . If nothing is there, he must remain in India to answer telephones and provide us with technical support.

Some people think this is funny. You should be terrified at that.

Okay, wait. Let me try.
For centuries, Christians have worshiped an idol of a man nailed to wood. Most of us have naively thought this was...

Sorry. That is enough absurdity for today. Please fill in your own silliness.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yeah, so not funny.

Professor Chaos said...

Good Lord! That's awful.

4K said...

Sometimes I find unbelievable ignorance comical. I also sometimes get so angry I laugh like the Joker (from the old Batman TV series).
I'm a bad man I guess.